Abhay Kataria

Lead Product FW Technologist
Abhay​ is ​​Seagate's Lead Product FW​ Technologist​.  With working knowledge spanning from head/disc interface control to the host interface and beyond, he is defining and delivering solutions to maintain IOPS performance, manage latency, and deliver reliability for Seagate HDD's.  Abhay has a leadership role in architecting the capability to address challenges related to device utilization.  This includes effective caching to optimize IOPS/TB, simplified diagnostics to reduce the cost of repair, and the ability for advanced diagnostics in-situ to support debug capabilities from within data centers.

Abhay earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, India and his Master’s degree in control systems from Ohio State University. He joined Seagate in 2000, and over his 18 year career has been awarded 13 patents and contributed multiple external publications. He holds multiple trade secrets with more innovations under review.